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"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Our spiritual

Colin Jordan


It's twenty nine years since the murder of NF member Albert Mariner.
Below we republish a tribute to Albert and a song written by Ian Stuart in his memory.
The British People's Party salutes Albert, a fallen hero of our Race!



At 7:45pm on Tuesday 3rd May 1983, old-age pensioner and NF member Albert Mariner was walking to a National Front election meeting when he was struck on the head by a brick hurled from a "mainly black" mob of rioters.

They had been mobilised by an unlawful election leaflet issued by Labour Councillors of the London borough of Haringay.
Albert was taken to hospital where he died the next day. The police refused to investigate the events which led to Albert's death. At roughly the same time, a black man walked into a police station, killed himself by blowing his own head off with a shotgun, and there was a full public inquest into the matters surrounding his death.

Repeated calls for an inquiry into Albert's murder were ignored and no-one from the Labour Party was ever even questioned about organising a mob to attack a perfectly legal election meeting. Imagine how the media would have howled and screamed if White Nationalists had killed one of the black rioters! The system's press and TV went overboard when Kevin Gately and Blair Peach, both anti-NF rioters, died after headbutting police truncheons. Gately and Peach were committing crimes at the time they were fatally injured: Albert Mariner was going about his perfectly lawful business.

The System hopes that Albert is lying forgotten in his grave, but we will never forget this proud ex-serviceman, NF member and old-age-pensioner who died fighting for the country and people he loved. Twenty nine years on, those of us who knew Albert still remember him and the inspiration he gave us both in life and in death. Albert was a close friend of Ian Stuart who immortalised Albert in his song Sick Society. Sadly, Ian also lost his life in the same way - murdered by the enemies of our race - ten years later.

We Salute Albert Mariner - Aryan Martyr! 


By Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver

You risked your life for this country when you were young
Never questioned orders that they gave
'Cos the love of the Red White and Blue was in your heart
And I never thought I'd ever see the day, when I'd hear you say

Now look at a sick society, look back in time
Now look at a sick society, who commits the crime?

You did your time for King & Country overseas
Spent years to keep this nation free
Now you're not allowed to walk the British streets today
And you're fighting 'gainst a foe you cannot see, and I hear you say


When you wanna march in a democratic fashion
Through the streets of the country that you love
Then you're struck down by a screaming mob
Raining with bricks from above, and I hear you say 


middle eight: 

We remember the things that you have done
Against all odds you would not run
We remember the life you gladly gave
Put an English Rose upon your grave 


Now you have died, whilst fighting for your country
Fighting 'gainst an enemy that's within
Now I'll make a promise to your memory, Albert Mariner
We'll keep on fighting, until we win
Yeah, we'll never forget you 

(chorus x2) 

And what happened to the inquiry?




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