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April 20th 1889 -
April 20th 2012

Invisible in the blue sky above the little frontier-town, the stars formed, on the 20th of April 1889, at six o’clock eighteen in the afternoon, a definite pattern marking the return to earth of Him Who comes back; of the divine Man “against Time” - the incarnate collective Self of superior mankind, Who, again and again, and every time more heroically, stands alone against the ever-accelerated current of universal decay, and prepares, in hard, bloody struggle, the dawning of the following Time-cycle, even if he be, for some years or decades, apparently bound to fail.

She had just given birth to him on the 20th of April, at six o’clock eighteen in the afternoon, in that large airy room on the second floor - the last on the right hand side, at the end of a narrow passage - in which she was now reclining, still feeling weak, but happy. The three windows opened on the street. Through their spotless glass-panes and white blinds warm sunshine poured in. The baby slept. The mother rested. She did not know that she had just been the instrument of a tremendous cosmic Will.

The Child was Christened Adolf.

For the newly born Babe was none other than He.

Savitri Devi

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