The Eternal Creed
On Leadership and Success by Steve Smith
The Holocaust happened!
A.K Chesterton - a short biography
A British Citizens Charter by Frank Kimbal Johnson
White Nationalism Now by Eddy Morrison
Free Speech in Britain - a brief legal primer
BPP Marching Song and music
The Enemy Within by Frank Kimbal Johnson
Whose War - Michael Walsh
How it was done - Steve Smith's story of Burnley BNP
Messages of Condolence to John Tyndall
1984 is here NOW!
Abolish the Race Laws by Eddy Morrison
Organising a BPP meeting by Eddy Morrison
A defeat for the renegades by Ian Buckley
Africa is NOT our problem by John Tyndall
Racialism:The New Witchcraft by Eddy Morrison
Religious Hatred Law a bad joke by Eddy Morrison
Dresden: A real holocaust by Eddy Morrison
Communism by stealth by John Tyndall
Eva Peron by Eddy Morrison
An ignored British martyr by Ian Buckley
Sorting fact from propaganda by Ian Buckley
H.Rider Haggard by Ian Buckley
Kicked out of their own country by Jeffrey Turney
The Holocaust has become a racket!
Lead, follow or get out of the way...Chiel14
Know thy enemy by Steve Smith
Organising a BPP Unit by Eddy Morrison
The Griffin Report by John Tyndall and Eddy Morrison

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