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Cameron admits: 'Big Society' idea doomed

British Prime Minister David Cameron's idea of a 'Big Society' will be further undermined by the government's massive cuts to voluntary sector funding.

The union Unite has warned in a statement that the impacts of the draconian cuts to public services reveal how hollow the government's Big Society slogan sounds.

The Unite union released the statement after it surveyed 2,000 of its 60,000-strong members about how the £5 billion cuts to the non-profit voluntary sector would affect their jobs and ability to deliver services.

The union, which offers volunteer groups advice on redundancies and the legal right to challenge cuts to their organization funding, said a strong majority of the members surveyed were concerned about what future brings.

"As these huge cuts destabilize the third sector, the more hollow the government's Big Society rhetoric sounds. When these services disappear, nothing replaces them, said Unite national officer for the voluntary sector Sally Kosky.

"It is delusional to suggest that efficiencies can be made in a sector that already operates on a shoe-string or that knights in shining armor will arrive in the form of wealthy private donors", Sally added.

The union has recently launched its Unite For Our Society campaign to reach out to people working in the 170,000 charities across Britain who are suffering in the face of national and local government spending cuts.

Unions and community activists are particularly worried about cuts and closures in specialist services for vulnerable people such as victims of domestic violence and trafficking or services that help disabled people.

Meanwhile, a separate survey by consultancy firm NfP Synergy has found that the Big Society initiative is doomed to failure.

According to the survey a majority of more than 1,000 respondents from all across the UK - 59 percent - believed that David Cameron's idea will fail.


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