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"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Colin Jordan


Official Code of conduct of the British People’s Party: Revised

It is of paramount importance that the BPP membership and its wider support-base have confidence in the integrity and conduct of the BPP leadership administration and its appointed officers.  The BPP therefore is releasing and enacting the following rules:

The following rules apply to the entire membership, and members found to transgress them will be judged as bringing the BPP into public disrepute and instantly expelled:


  1. While BPP activists are free to spread the flame in radical, imaginative ways of their own choosing, they must not deviate from the truth in their message.
  2. BPP members should avoid unwarranted, hostile dialogue with other individuals or groups.
  3. BPP members and officers must not undermine the work of fellow BPP members, behave overbearingly or demoralise their fellow party comrades.
  4. BPP Officers are appointed on the basis of merit, diligence and confidence, therefore BPP Officers who undertake certain responsibilities must fulfil those to the best of his/her ability.
  5. BPP members must treat all information regarding other members, events, etc. in strict confidence and not divulge those facts unless cleared to do so.
  6. BPP members also have a duty to inform party HQ of anything compromising party security or our overall reputation.
  7. BPP propaganda, bearing the name and emblem of the party must not be released unless expressly sanctioned by the BPP leadership administration.
  8. BPP members, as far as the law will allow, are expected to NOT disclose information to the State authorities which puts the party or any of its members at risk.
  9. BPP members must not willingly take part in, (or co-operate with) any event or project which undermines the creed or Racial Nationalism or National Socialism.
  10. BPP members must avoid excessive drunkenness and under no circumstances take part in the usage of illegal narcotics.


David Jones, BPP Commissioner