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"Proscribed Organisations
Although tiny and politically insignificent the Nationalist Alliance and British Peoples Party are hereby proscribed. The NA and BPP are used by hostile media elements to link our party to them. We don't need or want the skinhead and nazi image which the NA and BPP thrive on and so it is necessary for us to make it very clear that there is a complete separation.
The National Front, White Nationalist Party, British Nazi Party and "Combat 18" remain proscribed.
All these extremist sects are bad news for the real struggle for British survival. It is a serious disciplinary offence for any BNP member to attend any event organised by these groups, to bring any of their propaganda to our events, or to be a paid up member of any of these groups.
With our opponents now frantic with worry over our continuing success we must expect all sorts of smears and dirty tricks in the months ahead. It is therefore more important than ever that we take every step possible to minimise the risk of smear by association with these cranks."

The above is the latest attack on other British Nationalists in the latest Members' Bulletin of the BNP. The total hypocrisy of Griffin and Lecomber proscribing the BPP and the NF is in line with the fact that they also proscribed the founder of the BNP, our late Leader John Tyndall - and then when JT died had the gall to start singing his praises as if he was 'one of theirs'!

John Tyndall has nothing but total contempt  for  Griffin/Lecomber and the nasty little gang currently milking their fat salaries from an increasingly gullible membership (we hear £50,000 a year for the Party 'Leader' - tell us we are wrong?).  JT would have laughed at this latest move by the unholy cabal who have hijacked the BNP. Another MAJOR reason why every decent BNP member should now tear up their cards and immediately join the BPP - a genuine White Nationalist organisation!

Griffin worships at the foot of Gaddafi whilst on a paid trip to Libya!
Did he feel he wasn't part of an 'extremist sect' when he begged for money from a man who gave funds to the IRA?

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