The BPPWD had been in existence since the party was formed nearly three years but with no real organisation behind it. We have changed that and put the Women's Division into action against the traitorous policies of the old parties that threaten our Race. We do not intend the WD to be just an organisation for the wives or girlfriends of BPP members to join and serve sandwiches and tea at socials, we are an integral part of the BPP and we intend to make our mark on the streets alongside our menfolk. Of course, many good Nationalist women have joined the Struggle through their partners first being involved and have become committed comrades but there are a lot of women out there who share our ideals even though their men may not. We need to recruit them to our cause as well. The BPP is a party of the streets and whether we get the message across by door-to-door leafletting, stickering or by talking to other women in the bus queue, at work or when we're dropping the kids off at school, all can be as effective as the other. Let's get the WD onto the streets and get the message across.

That said, there will be no actual separate membership for women only - all female members of the BPP become members of the BPPWD and all women who join the BPPWD separately will automatically become ordinary BPP members, all for the same subscription fee.
We have now decided to issue separate cards for the BPPWD. New female members who joined recently will have already received their WD card with their main BPP card, the rest will receive theirs shortly.

If anyone wishes to contact us the e-mail address is whitewomenawake@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone BPPWD Leader Kate on 07779181488.

We have decided that the BPPWD will mainly campaign on four separate issues that currently affect the way we, as Aryan Folk, are suffering in this country today:

Abortion is Child Murder!

  • We say NO to a baby being murdered every three minutes in British mainland extermination clinics!
  • We say NO to the slaughter of innocent lives!
  • We say NO to the Abortion Act 1967!
  • We say NO to the murder of babies who at 24 weeks have fully developed hearing, can smell, touch, swallow and survive outside the womb.
  • We say NO to this vile, nefarious assault on the White race!

Hang Paedophile Scum!

The British People's Party is resolute in their assertion that paedophiles are evil predators and an unequivocal threat to ALL White children.  wdstick3.jpg

  • We say NO to an imbecilic and detached Judiciary not tackling this reprehensible epidemic!
  • We say NO to wholly inadequate punishments for these evil crimes against women and children!
  • We say NO to child rape!
  • We say NO to counselling and inane therapies!
  • We say NO to fifteen departments wasting money dealing with a nonce under MAPPA guidance!
  • We say NO to funding cushy prison cells when a rope is far more cost effective!
  • We say bring back capital punishment for these evil, depraved monsters.  

Ban Halal and Kosher Meat!

The BPPWD will actively campaign against brutal and draconian Muslim (Halal) and Jewish (Kosher) slaughter in the UK.  

  • We say NO to this alien and barbaric killing which has NO place in this Christian Country!  
  • We say NO to animals taking TWO MINUTES to bleed to death without being stunned first!
  • We say NO to alien faiths and their alien, barbaric practices!
  • We say NO to Halal food being served to our soldiers, to our school children and in our hospitals without their knowledge!

Drugs Kill - Hang the Pushers!

The British People's Party recognises the need for a suitably appropriate deterrent and punishment for vile drug dealers in order to tackle the drugs epidemic.
  • We say NO to lenient punishments handed out by middle-class disaffected do-gooder magistrates!
  • We say NO to foreign drugs barons murdering our loved ones with their repugnant trade!
  • We say NO to an inept Police force too scared to confront these vermin!
  • We say NO to funding The Taliban!

The BPP Women’s Division will be campaigning using separate leaflets produced with the sole intention to recruit women to the cause.

Bulletins solely for the BPPWD will be issued as required.

For Race and Nation,

British People's Party Women’s Division


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