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 - John Tyndall

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Colin Jordan


What the headline should read is "Bus firm flew bosses to Poland to hire 50 foreign
drivers after they couldn't find Brits to fill the jobs for the national minimum wage".

Bus firm flew bosses to Poland to hire 50 foreign drivers
after claiming they could not find Brits to fill the jobs

2.46million Britons on the dole... but company still goes abroad for workers

Emerges days after Home-office sponsored groups says immigrants ARE taking British jobs

A UK bus operator flew bosses to Poland to recruit 50 new drivers despite there being 2.6million people on the dole in the UK.

Abellio, a subsidiary of the Dutch state rail operator, claimed it could not find suitable British candidates to work on routes in central and South West London.

The firm went on a massive recruitment drive in former Soviet country to expand its workforce. They claimed that there were 'no suitable' Britons.

But a current employee at the transport giant said he knew a number of friends who had been interviewed for the posts - and turned down.

'The Routemaster will soon be back in the capital. What a shame if British drivers miss out on the chance to drive it,' the driver, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Sun.

An Abellio spokesman said: 'In order to supplement recruitment in the UK we held an open day in Poland where 51 experienced bus drivers were recruited.

'We are not aware of any occasion where a suitable candidate has been turned away.'

The Polish drivers, some of whom have already started work, will be paid £10.60 an hour for the first two years at which point it will increase to £11.50.

There are currently 2.64 million unemployed people in Britain. Critics would suggest that any number of these would have been suitable candidates to drive the iconic buses.

The revalation comes as it was revealed that 160,000 Britons have missed out on employment because work was taken by foreigners.

The traditional Routemaster that would have almost certainly have been driven by a hardened Londoner with a thorough knowledge of the capital's streets.

For every four migrant workers who come to the country from outside the EU, one British job is lost, the experts said.

The Migration Advisory Committee also criticised the way ministers have used the potential impact on Gross Domestic Product, or GDP – the total size of the economy – to decide whether large-scale immigration was desirable.

Professor David Metcalf, chairman of the MAC, said it had led ‘inexorably’ to ‘pro-immigration’ policies because more migrants will logically expand the economy.

He called on ministers instead to consider the impact on schools, hospitals, congestion, crime rates and house prices.

It follows a contrasting report by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research which said the number of immigrants coming to the UK had little or no impact on the number of unemployed.

The MAC report found that house prices and rents are being pushed up by the number of migrants coming to the UK.

It added that migrants will inevitably contribute to the demand for public services, commit crime and generate congestion in the same way any increase in the UK-born population would.

However, the report concluded that migrants from inside the EU, including Eastern Europe, have ‘little or no impact on the native employment rate’.

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