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Interesting news from Todmorden - not one of the Conservative Party's candidates in the town council elections in May is actually standing using the Conservative Party name - they have all chosen to stand as independents. Who do they think they are going to fool playing that trick?

Con-Dem government in turmoil

The coalition government is grappling with such a turmoil that even Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's son asks why everyone hates his “papa.”

Clegg has recently told The New Statesman magazine that his attempts to live a relatively normal life do not always go so well, leaving him “quite miserable.”

Clegg recalled how his nine-year-old son recently asked him, “Why are the students angry with you, Papa?” the magazine said in a report.

A serious dispute about the government's health reform has unveiled deep disagreements at the heart of the coalition, British media reported.

Royal College of Nursing (RCN) members, at their annual conference on Wednesday, overwhelmingly gave a vote of no confidence to Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's handling of health reforms.

It was for the first time in more than 30 years that 99 percent of the members of a union voted against a minister, the reports added.

Angry delegates at the congress in Liverpool said the reforms will lead to “fewer services, fewer nurses and a worse National Health System (NHS).”

Privatizing NHS is supposed to be one of the coalition's flagship policies. But, the scale of the crisis is such that Clegg's chief political advisor, Norman Lamb, has threatened to resign unless the plan is ditched.

Meanwhile, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are at loggerheads over the looming referendum on the Alternative Vote system, which has created lots of controversy inside the rival camps.

Furthermore, as official figures show, unemployment is rising across the UK, while the International Monetary Fund has slashed its forecast for economic growth in the country.

Already teachers, lecturers and civil service workers are preparing for joint industrial action in June, and a study of 400 businesses this week found that more than 70 percent of bosses predict that more strikes will come in the next 12 months.

The British people believe all these will result in a final move to bring the coalition government down.

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