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Colin Jordan



Dave Jones, the British People's Party Elections Officer, Todmorden BPP election candidate and Party Commissioner, was today arrested by a police Armed Response Unit at his Todmorden farmhouse. Thirty officers, many of them armed with H&K rifles, surrounded Dave's home. Dave was arrested for possession of illegal Section 1 firearms. He was taken in handcuffs to Halifax Police Station and held for four and a half hours until the police confirmed that none of the firearms he possessed were illegal. Dave was released without charge.

Obviously the scum at the 'Hope Not Hate' site that reproduced the photograph below (without permission, it was stolen from Dave's Facebook site) made a complaint to the police about the fact that Dave owns firearms. Dave is a farmer, of course he owns guns, as does nearly everyone else with a farm!

What a waste of police time and money but at least the guns that Dave owns were real, usually it's a kid with a cap gun that causes armed police to appear!

This is just more harrassment in the run up to the May elections when Dave is again standing as the BPP candidate in Todmorden. Dave is unbowed though and says that, if anything, it has boosted his standing amongst local voters.

UPDATE - The raid made front page of the local Todmorden rag:

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