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Cameron seems keen on making a name for himself as a defender of 'innocents' as Blair did with Iraq.  Forget all the dead and maimed civilians, UK military brought home in body bags, etc.: "We're bringing you 'democracy' whether you like it or not!"

It looks like the Western 'democrats' thought the Libyan 'rebels' were going to win. Now it looks like the Gadaffi loyalists are getting the upper hand, they need to secure their oil and gas interests by suddenly discovering 'human rights abuses'. Strange the 'Defenders of Democracy' only seem keen on taking action against countries militarily weaker than themselves and without any useful natural resources.

We wonder if Israel starts its indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Gaza and Lebanon again, if Cameron will call for a no-fly zone over Israel?

What if Tibetan separatists began to organise themselves against Chinese rule and the Chinese started bombing them? Would Cameron want us to take military action against China?

We doubt it very much.

British fighter jets are on their way to Libya, Cameron tells Commons hours after UN resolution

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:33 PM on 18th March 2011

  • RAF Tornados and Typhoon moving into position to strike
  • Gaddafi is 'already bombing rebel stronghold of Benghazi'
  • Military action against Gaddafi backed by ten votes to zero
  • Libyan dictator threatens planes and ships in Mediterranean
  • Country's air space now closed to all traffic ahead of attack
  • Commons WILL have debate on intervention on Monday

British fighter jets will today head to the Mediterranean to launch air strikes on Libyan dictator Muammer Gaddafi, David Cameron has told the Commons.

Just hours after the UN finally agreed a resolution to enforce a no-fly zone, the Prime Minister confirmed preparations to deploy RAF Tornado and Typhoon fighters were already underway.

The aircraft will join an international task force in the region in the next hours with air strikes expected imminently.

The move follows last night's resolution by the United Nations Security Council authorising 'all measures necessary' short of sending in ground troops to protect the Libyan population.
Libya today closed its airspace to all traffic, anticipating an immediate attack.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz1GxEG1Tn5

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