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Yet another sex offender with the ability to flee to Pakistan is given bail....

Hunt for pensioner found guilty of raping student in 1986

Dost Mohammed

Police were today stepping up their hunt for an on-the-run pensioner after he was found guilty of raping a student in Bradford 25 years ago.

Dost Mohammed, now 72, fled to Pakistan after the rape in April 1986, but was arrested in Bradford last year after detectives started a cold-case review.

But he went on the run again after being granted Court bail and it is thought he could have gone back to Pakistan.

Yesterday, he was sentenced to six years’ jail at Leeds Crown Court, after a jury convicted him in his absence, following testimony by his victim and specialist scientific evidence.

Following the sentencing, Detective Superintendent Colin Prime, head of West Yorkshire Police’s Operation Recall cold case review team, appealed for help to bring Mohammed to justice.

He said: “He chose not to appear for his trial, and although he has been sentenced in his absence, he clearly still evades justice.

“He is now 72 years old and was last seen in the Bradford area over a year ago. It is known that he has contacts and family in the Birmingham area, but realistically he may well be anywhere in the UK, or indeed Pakistan.”

Prosecutor Sophie Drake told the court the victim, who was 20 at the time, worked at a cafe in Bradford and met Mohammed, who was a regular visitor and casual worker there.

She said Mohammed, who was then in his 40s, invited her to what she believed was his family home for a curry, but it turned out to be the flat of a friend.

The woman became anxious and concerned, but remained because she did not want to offend the defendant.

Mohammed became violent, putting his victim in a bear hug, pushing her on to a bed and raping her. Miss Drake said he threatened to slit her throat with a knife.

She was then allowed to leave and immediately asked a passing taxi driver to take her to a police station where she reported the incident.

Mohammed fled to Pakistan where he stayed for 19 months before returning to the UK.

In April, following the re-investigation of the case, he was traced to an address in Lily Street, Manningham, Bradford, and arrested.

There were no DNA samples available, but Mohammed was linked to the offence by his blood and other scientific evidence.

Police said the effect of the attack on the victim was profound and she had to abandon her studies.

Anyone with information about Mohammed should contact Operation Recall team on (01924) 334899

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