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they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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The case of Emma West, the so-called 'Racist Tram Woman', was today committed for trial at Croydon Crown Court on Feb 17th 2012.

Unbelievably, a second charge of 'racially aggravated public order with intent to cause fear or provocation of violence' has been made against Emma by a certain Ena-May Eubanks who is accusing Emma of pushing her on the tram!

Emma West has refused to back down and plead guilty for an easier ride. She did nothing wrong on that tram and she spoke for the people of Britain who do not have her guts to speak out against this lunatic-run hell.

Good luck in court Emma!

Race rant accused Emma West to face trial

A woman charged over an alleged racist rant on a tram that was captured on video and seen online 11 million times is set to face trial at a Crown Court.

Emma West, 34, of New Addington, has been charged with two racially aggravated public order offences, one with intent to cause fear.

She gave Croydon Magistrates' Court no indication of her plea and said she wanted to face a Crown Court trial.

Ms West was given bail and will appear at Croydon Crown Court on 17 February.

Magistrate Ian Hornby granted Ms West bail on the condition that she does not travel on a tram within Croydon and Sutton, lives and sleeps at her home address and does not comment on the case.

Ms West was arrested after footage, filmed on a Croydon-to-Wimbledon tram, allegedly showing her racially abusing fellow passengers was posted on YouTube.

She was charged with intent to cause fear or provocation of violence after a passenger, Ena-May Eubanks, said she hit her left shoulder with a "closed fist".

BBC News

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