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The article below was posted by a young White Nationalist, Britain2011, on the Stormfront UK forum and we thought it was well worth reproducing here. Well done to this young comrade for standing up for his beliefs.


This weekend, there was the Exeter Respect Festival, the motto of which is "All different - all equal"

However, as expected, their motto did not stand up to its meaning.

I went with my White Pride flag, after about 3-4 mins, I was approached by 2 PCSO's who went about asking me various questions, and explaining how they have had countless complaints. One officer explained that I will be arrested for consuming alcohol in a public place. This was used as he had no legitimate reason to be pestering me. The cans were not open and I had consumed 2 that day, once I had explained the law to this pcso, he then said "I'LL ARREST YOU BECAUSE I DONT LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE"!!!! I wish we had started filming it before this point so we could have got this on tape. I asked whether I was being detained, to which the reply was yes. I asked under which law I was being detained, the response was, "I have reason to believe that you are going to consume that alcohol in public" This officer was quite clearly struggling as there was a beer tent approximately 50 meters away. I pointed this out to him and no word of a lie he just stood there and stared at me for about a minute, I told him he has no reason to detain me, and continued my stroll around the festival displaying my flag.

So we can see that I was stopped for displaying a WPWW flag, yet they tried pinning other things on me.

As I was peacefully walking around, I got jumped by 2 security guards, who proceeded to attempt the removal of my flag, and remove me from the public park. After a bit of a struggle I explained; that if they both stopped trying to rip it out of my hands I would make my way to the exit. Once I had spelled out how one should release his grip, the penny dropped for them and they allowed me to walk out on my own. I continued displaying my flag at the entrance, where the 2 security guards turned out to be supportive of the cause and explained they were just doing their job. After about a min, I was surrounded by 6 police officers, all discussing what to do with me.
They asked for my details which I refused until they could explain to me the law that I had broken. The end result was public order (Alarm, Harrasment or Distress) I was apparently offending people by being proud of my heritage. I then instructed the officers to arrest the event organisers, the various table owners promoting Islam, Immigration etc, the countless women in burka's and face veils, as I explained that I find all of that highly alarming and offensive. But as we are all aware, the law is one sided. I then unfortunately had to give my name and date of birth. The original pcso the issued me with a section 30 dispersion notice, whereby I had to leave Exeter and not return until 7pm the next day.

I expect there to be a write up of some sort in the local paper, when I arranged the Balaclava Day (hijacked by the EDL and re named 'ban the burka') it was front page.

So the bottom line is, the local authorities will go to extreme measures support and promote non whites, and make it illegal for white people to promote themselves...

Exeter used to be a nice city, but now with two mosques, a hindu temple plus (proposed planning for a super sized hindu temple), countless halal only takeaways, a new restaurant for muslims, where alcohol is banned and only halal is served, all the writing is in arabic, and white people are receiving a poorer service than arabs, asians and africans.

Devon is going down the pan with the rest of Britain.

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