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EU wastes UK funds on useless projects

A new report says more than £1.4 billion of British taxpayer money is being wasted through EU overseas aid projects, which waste the money on useless schemes.

The report provided by the think-tank, Open Europe, strongly criticizes the way the aid money is being spent on supporting corrupt regimes and projects. These projects include Funding for Belgians, which gives dance lessons in Burkina Faso despite the fact that half the population subsists on 70p a day, and an £8.8 million center in Mali to help people get legal jobs in the EU - which only managed to find work for six people in three years.

Another project backed by British taxpayers' money was a medical center in Sierra Leone, which was largely unused and had hundreds of hospital beds donated by the UN left outside to rot.

The report also claimed huge sums had gone straight into the coffers of governments, whose records on human rights have been internationally condemned, for example, Malawi, whose president recently bought a multi-million pound presidential jet after a transfer of EU aid although more than 60 percent of the country's people live on less than £1 a day.

Other aid never makes it out of Brussels, being spent instead on things like reports and one music contest designed to raise “development awareness.”

Senior Conservative MP Philip Davies called for Britain to halt its contributions to Brussels aid projects.

“The EU is a byword for excessive waste and there is no better illustration than their overseas aid programs. When we are having to cut back spending on everything at home it is unjustifiable to be wasting all this money on overseas programs,” he said.

“We are perfectly capable of handing out too much overseas aid ourselves without getting the EU to help us hand out even more,” added the Conservative MP.

“The EU's aid needs to be far more transparent, results-focused and targeted at the poorest people, and we are now working with Brussels to help achieve this,” said International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell.

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