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"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Forged War Crimes  malign the German Nation

by Udo Walendy

Many of the Holocaust and other WWII atrocity photographs shown in Forged War Crimes can be viewed in our public libraries, where they are presented as authentic. By comparing versions in different books and analyzing lighting and scale, this astonishing book exposes them as forgeries. They are the product of Stalin’s Cold War propaganda operation and many are merely photographed drawings. For exposing fraud its author, Udo Walendy, was imprisoned in Germany. The judge told him "We are sentencing you not for what you wrote, but for what you left out."

80 pages, 58 b/w photographs.

KZ-guard, victims in Buchenwald: "In the SS-government, the perfect slave system."
Published with this text in Der Spiegel 10.10.1966 No. 42, p. 101.

Above: This picture is fabricated. The lighting of the left side of the picture is definitely different from the right side. The facial contours of the prisoners are unrecognizable, whereas the contours of the "SS-Unterscharführer" are visible to the last detail. Whereas the prone prisoner throws a clear shadow, the "SS-Unterscharführer" casts no shadow. The upper part of the uniform of the "guard" (above the belt) does not match the lower part. The side pockets under the belt are missing; the buttoned edge of the jacket does not run correctly from top to bottom; the left hand (right in the picture) should be in the shade, whereas it is brightly lit. An SS-Unterscharführer was not allowed to wear officers' trousers with boots at all; the pistol hangs on the wrong side. It is unlikely, that prisoners would be hanged from such trees, which at best would only have a hold very high in the crown, and that they would be hanged in this manner. Hanged people with pulled up legs are non-existent. In Jan. 1968, in the museum of the Dachau-Memorial, the editor could see clearly on a life-size enlargement that they forgot to draw in the ropes in this picture by which the two "hanged prisoners" were supposed to hang. As such, they are floating in the air without ropes.


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