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Simon Sheppard, like Stephen Whittle, will be classed as MAPPA3 (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement) 'offender' when released from prison on 17th May and sent to a bail hostel with a load of sex offenders / paedophiles.

Even drug dealers convicted of selling death to our kids are spared this - after a short sentence they are back on the streets selling their filth to our folk and destroying our communities.

Remember, hard drug dealers get a couple of years in prison on average - Simon received nearly five years just for insulting and exposing Jewish lies! There's no free speech under the System's anti-White 'Race Act'.

Simon will have roll call twice a day, be subject to scrutiny by senior police and probation officers and be banned from the use of the internet. He has been told that this arrangement can only last for 12 weeks - even if this is correct it would still effectively be an extension to his sentence, as he may as well be prison. However, as he will have of served 'only' half of his nearly 4 year sentence in prison, I suspect that this regime will last for much longer - possibly until the end of his sentence. The ban on accessing the internet will probably be enforced regardless of other procedures This lunacy, like the web prosecution for posting racial material on a foreign web server, is a ground breaking legal procedure as well as being a great job creation scheme for all concerned. Clearly, within a few years, any racial nationalist who mocked the holocaust and wrote derogatory articles about ethnics will be likely to face indefinite, or even life-time, open monitoring and control by police - in the same manner that many paedophiles are now treated.

MAPPA Level Three is defined as :- Anyone else who poses a "risk of serious harm to the public" who has received a conviction and whose risk would be better managed in a multi-agency setting. Level Three is essentially the same as Level Two,- Multi Agency Public Protection meetings (MAPPs) will be held where the offender's management will be discussed between various parties involved in their case. Except that in the case of a Level Three 'offender' senior management representatives will be in attendance and greater resources are expected to be used in the management of the 'offender'.

Level Three are sometimes called the "critical few". These are offenders posing the highest possible level of risk to the public [my emphasis] and normally necessitates a specific case conference to pool unusual agency resources and ensure a strategically coordinated risk management plan. These might be predatory sex offenders, recidivist arsonists, extremely violent offenders, dangerously mentally ill offenders, domestic terrorists or people with dangerous personality disorders. At each MAPP meeting agencies have to share often confidential information, and will in many cases adopt a press strategy.

Simon and Steve are no threat to the general public - BUT THEY ARE A THREAT TO OUR POLITICAL MASTERS!  Their revisionist beliefs are not the sort of views the System want to be aired. This is why they are being treated worse than sex offenders and drug dealers just for having an alternative point of view.

So much for 'Good Ol' Democratic England'.

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