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"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Colin Jordan



White Nationalists from across the North of England joined a rally against Asian Paedophiles in Heywood, nr Rochdale, on Saturday March 3rd 2012.

The Lancashire town of Heywood is home to some of the Pakistani muslims currently on trial at Liverpool Crown Court and the rally, organised by the National Front attracted around 300 people, many of them local parents from Heysham, angry that the local police and media put a complete blackout on the fact a paedophile gang was operating in the town, thus putting their children in danger.

The rally was attended by members of the BPP, the National Front who are to be commended for organising the demonstration, the Infidels of Britain, Combined Ex Forces, British Movement, the Anti-Zionist League and other assorted White Nationalist comrades.

Above: Activists from the Anti-Zionist League and members of the BPP and other White Nationalists unite with the NF and local members
of the public to oppose the scourge of child abuse by organised gangs of Pakistani Muslims that appears to be running rampant across the country

Below: Simon Biggs of the National Front speaks at the rally saying the sort of things White Nationalists want to hear about what is happening to our country.

Later in the evening, half a dozen members of the Infidels of Britain and the Combined Ex Forces organisation occupied the roof of nearby Bury Town Hall in a flash demo' campaigning for the restoration of the death penalty for paedophiles. This was an unannounced 'Flash Demo' in retaliation for the unreasonable treatment given to the Infidels/CXF by the Greater Manchester police at a demo' in Rochdale last month.

The activists' protest on the roof lasted a few hours but they had supplies to last for days. The comrades only came down when police negotiators persuaded them that they would not be arrested and they would be given airtime on the ITV News. The Infidels' Leader was interviewed by ITN but, as usual, the interview wasn't broadcast.

This will not be the last 'Flash Demo' by the Infidels/CXF we are informed, and more are planned in the coming weeks.

Above: A masked member of the Infidels of Britain gives the victory salute to assorted Journalists and police, cheered on by Nationalists.

Below: Banners hung by masked Infidels and CxF activists from the scaffolding.

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