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 We admit it....

For many years, we White Nationalists have been accused of historical revisionism and Holocaust denial, but this is behind us. We can now reveal the true horror of the Holocaust that happened during the Second World War and most certainly involved the Nazis!
Fact: "Three hundred SS camp guards were quickly neutralised" General Dwight D. Eisenhower. (The term neutralised of course is a santisied way of saying that prisoners-of-war were rounded up and machined gunned in groups). It has been described how German prisoners were collected, placed against a wall and methodically machine-gunned by American soldiers. While some were still standing, hands raised in surrender, American soldiers casually climbed over the still twitching bodies, killing the wounded. Whilst this was happening, American photographers were taking pictures of the massacres which have been published since the war.
Fact: "More than 1,000 Nazi SS officers died as a result of eating arsenic impregnated bread introduced April 13th, 1946, in an American run prisoner of war camp near Nuremberg."
Fact: At Dachau in the American zone of Germany, a shock force of American and Polish guards attempted to entrain a group of pro-German Russian POW's who did not wish to go back to Soviet Russia and certain death. "All the men refused to entrain", Robert Murphy writes in his report on the incident.
"They begged to be shot. They resisted entrainment by taking off their clothes and refusing to leave the building..Tear gas forced them out into the snow where those who had cut themselves and one who had stabbed himself to death fell exhausted and bleeding in the snow. Nine men hanged themselves and one had stabbed himself to death. The remaining 368 men were handed over the to the Soviet Security killers."
Fact: After the U.S victory (the battle for the Remagen Bridge), Germans in the Rhineland surrendered en masse. Between April and July 1945, some 260,000 German POW's were held under guard in boggy fields. They were kept in the open air and their daily ration was one potato, a biscuit, a spoonful of vegetables and some water. Wracked by disease, at least 1,200 died."
Fact:"Together with a group of journalists, Moorhead visited the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen in 1945, shortly after the war ended. British officers imprisoned the guards and tortured them and showed the
results with relish to the visiting journalists. A British captain boasted "This morning we had an interrogation. I'm afraid the prisoners don't look exactly nice." Journalists then were taken into cells where German
prisoners lay, covered in blood and gore after savage beatings by British soldiers. The Germans were begging to be killed.
Fact: During the latter half of 1945, British troops were guarding suspect Nazi civilians living on starvation rations in a camp called Sennelager. They were frequently beaten and grew as thin as supposed concentration camp victims, scooping handfuls of swill from British wastebins. It was a common trick to throw a cigarette just inside the perimeter fence and shoot any prisoner who tried to reach it.
Fact: Long after the war had ended, Russia which already had a slave population of 20,000,000 souls, was rounding up Germans in the seized territories; mostly men, but women and children too and marching them
eastwards to the slave labour camps. All fit men were forced to march twenty two miles a day to the slave labour camps awaiting them. Many did not return to their homelands until the mid-1950's. Thousands died of maltreatment and hunger. Many wounded were shot by the NKVD (Russian Secret police) if they fell from the column.
Fact: 150,000 German, Italian and Rumanian prisoners were captured at the Battle of Stalingrad. They were kept in captivity until the mid-1950's. Only 10,000 were left alive to return home. 140,000 died of starvation or were worked to death.
Fact: Frighful excesses occurred in Camp Lamsdorf in Upper Silesia, where a camp population of 8,064 Germans were literally decimated through starvation, hard labour and physical abuse. One of the surviving German doctors recorded the deaths of 6,488 inmates of Lamsdorf including 628 children.
Fact: 30,00 Hungarians, mostly of the professional classes were summarily executed by the invading Soviet and Rumanian communists. In addition, it is estimated that 200,000 Germans and Croats died in Rumanian death camps.
Fact: The German Red Cross were still searching for more than half a million human beings who were reported as being missing. Up to March 1946, 1.74 million missing German soldiers and 357,490 German civilians were registered - many never returned from their captivity.
Fact: In a camp for the Sarthe District under French guard, for 20,000 prisoners, inmates received only 900 calories a day, thus twelve died every day in hospital.
Fact: In what was once eastern Germany, an anguished tide of humanity, one of the greatest mass movements in German history, over TEN MILLION eastern Germans in a pitiful condition trekked westwards away from the Red Army which was killing and raping on a massive scale.
Fact: On 27th of July 1945, a boat arrived at the west port of Berlin which contained a tragic cargo of nearly 300 children, half dead from hunger. They were itching from starvation and plagued by vermin. They had fled the Communists in Pomerania.
Fact: "Thousand of bodies are hanging in the trees around Berlin and nobody bothers to cut them down. Thousands of corpses are carried out to sea by the Oder and Elbe rivers - one doesn't even notice them any longer. Thousands and thousands are starving on the highways..children roam the highways alone: their parents shot, dead, lost" (Congressional Records, December 20th, 1945. p A-6130)
...and so we could go on listing the killings, tortures and murders committed by the Allies on the defeated German people. We could describe the mass rapes and killings that took place in Berlin. The millions who were still in forced British labour camps long after the war. The emptying of large parts of eastern Germany of entire populations. The fire raids on Dresden that killed over 100,000 women and children in a designated Red Cross city. The random shooting down of any prisoner caught in SS uniform. The thousands of men and women who comitted suicide rather than face the horrors of occupation..only lack of space prevents us listing THOUSANDS of recorded incidents. We could speak about the innocent men and women dragged before ILLEGAL war crimes tribunals of which Nuremberg was only one. Yes we can admit the Holocaust. The Holocaust perpetrated by the Internationalist controlled Allied powers, acting on the orders of their World Masters - the eternal Dominators from whom the order went out "exterminate the German people!"

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