Forty plus Racial Nationalists gathered at a private meeting room in Hove, Sussex on April 21st to celebrate St.George’s Day. Members from the BPP mixed well with BNP and NF members and supporters as well as some other smaller groups.

The speakers were Tess Culnane, formerly a BNP election candidate; Peter Rushton, National Speaker for the BPP; Eddy Morrison, National Political Advisor of the BPP and Lady Michelle Renouf, renowned Revisionist. The meeting was ably chaired by Dave Jones, the National Youth Leader of the BPP Youth Division.


Peter Williamson started the meeting off by handing the meeting over to Dave Jones, the Chairman for the afternoon. Dave gave a lively talk about the continued growth of the Youth Division and the stepped up level of activities, which is also reflected throughout the party. Dave then introduced the first speaker, Tess Culnane.

Tess gave a studied and thoughtful speech on the disintegration of British cities and the British way of life. She also drove over the point of how our traditional Christian values were being usurped and undermined by alien cultures.

Dave then introduced the ever popular Peter Rushton who talked about the forthcoming elections and reflected the BPP’s ‘non intervention, no criticism’ policy of the BPP by wishing well and good luck to all the patriotic men and women who are standing for election on May 3rd. Peter covered a fairly wide range of topics but especially mentioned the fact that the European Union were trying a backdoor way to get Holocaust Denial or Investigation illegal in Britain by linking it to the obnoxious and tyrannous Race Acts under which White Nationalists have to live with on a daily basis.

Peter mapped out a history of these repressive laws and how each year ZOG turned the screw ever tighter on our freedom of speech.

Dave then introduced the third speaker, Eddy Morrison who gave an impassioned speech on the need for nationalists to try their own roads and if they didn’t work then to come to the British People’s Party, who alone holds back from running down and criticising other groups. Eddy said the BPP was not a ‘sour grapes’ party but one which was badly need because if the Populist road failed despite all efforts then White Nationalists and British Nationalists will have a home to come to – a party still based on the “Fourteen Words” and the fundamental values of White Nationalism. Eddy highlighted five fundamental points in which the BPP was different from the Popular Nationalists.

Eddy ended his speech by calling for the recognition that we were fighting a world enemy – Super-ZOG and the New World Order, on a global scale. The Whiteman was under attack from California in the West to the Urals Mountains in the East. The day for infighting in Britain and right across the White World was over and the time for bitter and now a last ditch defiant struggle for the very existence of our people was under way!

The final speaker was Lady Michelle Renouf who detailed some cases of Historical Revisionists in France, Austria and Germany. She mentioned the continued struggle of Professor Faurisson, and his continuous persecution by the French pro-Zionist state. Now Faurisson has cleverly turned the tables and has brought a law suit against those who would silence him. For once, continued Lady Michelle, the persecutors themselves would be in the dock!

Lady Michelle also spoke about the jailing of the German Revisionist, Germar Rudolf and also the defiant stand of David Irving who not long after his unjust jailing in Austria, spoke before a crowd of 10,000 Hungarian patriots in Budapest and invited those across the border in Austria to come and freely listen to him in a land where he himself could speak out freely out the Holocaust issue.

Lady Renouf also praised the bravery of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran who defied Israel and its puppets the Blair and Bush regimes and held an open conference on the whole question of the now much doubted Holocaust.

Lady Renouf also stated she believed the BPP stance of not shifting its beliefs was most certainly the best one and she gave her support and friendship to all those who attended the meeting.

A great St.George’s meeting and thanks must go from the BPP to the following comrades:-

Peter Williamson, Tony and Dave for organising the event. Brighton member “Buster” and his wife for laying on an excellent after meeting buffet. Kevin Watmough and members of the Youth Division for a great display of banners and flags and also manning the literature table.

Between literature sales, especially of the new issue of Vanguard and a fantastic collection, well over £250.00 was raised for BPP funds. We remind readers that Hove was the home of the late, great John Tyndall and by holding a BPP Premier meeting there, the BPP was paying homage to its spiritual leader John Tyndall, still present in our hearts!


                                                                                                   Dave Jones opens meeting


                                                                                 Lady Michelle Renouf - BPP have the right idea

Eddy Morrison - one of BPP founders
Peter Rushton - one of BPP's best speakers


Tess Culnane - respected British patriot

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