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Nothing to do with the fact they were non-White that they received such lenient sentences then?

Ex-wife blew £66,000 at bingo

Halifax Courier, Friday 11th February 2011

A fraudster frittered away more than £66,000 of her illegal funds on online bingo – and escaped jail.

Naila Tabhassam, 32, decided to remortgage her house in Milton Place, King Cross, after her arranged marriage ended.

In the aftermath of the divorce she turned to internet chatrooms which led to playing bingo on the internet.

By the time she was arrested, just under £70,000 had been lost playing online.

Tabhassam met a mortgage broker in August 2008 and signed documents that claimed she worked for Medina Meat, earning more than £40,000 a year.

In truth, she was employed by the RFL Group in Brighouse, on a salary of £18,000 in 2008/2009 and £24,000 in 2009/2010 which would not have been enough to apply for the mortgage of £150,000.

The existing mortgage on the property was paid off before the remaing money was spent online.

Defence counsel Oliver Jarvis said: “The defendant had been in an arranged marriage that was collapsing and was under a great deal of pressure.”

He told the court that the mortgage broker had advised Tabhassam that her earnings would have to be greater and created false wage slips to go with the application.

His Honour Judge Peter Benson said: “What on earth was she doing spending this huge sum of money on bingo?”

Mr Jarvis said it was an extraordinary time in Tabhassam’s life and she had now turned the corner.

In sentencing Judge Benson said: “These are serious matters and normally an immediate sentence of custody would follow but I do accept that this type of activity was out of character for you. It wasn’t you that thought up the deception. I can avoid making that sentence immediate.”

Tabhassam was given a six month suspended sentence and ordered to carry out 140 hours of unpaid work in the community.

Shipley man, 19, punched student in the face months after hurting PC in another attack

A teenager who punched a student repeatedly in the face after he was spared custody for whacking a police officer on the head with handcuffs has again walked free from Court.

Najmul Hoque, 19, was told by a judge last September he was very lucky not to be going behind bars for causing Sergeant Mark Milner actual bodily harm and escaping lawful custody.

He was sentenced to nine months’ detention suspended for 12 months, with 200 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay £250 compensation to Sgt Milner. On October 22, Hoque, of Calderdale Close, Shipley, attacked Leeds Metropolitian University student, Matthew Graham at Bradford Interchange.

Prosecutor Andrew Petterson told Bradford Crown Court yesterday that Mr Graham and his friends were followed by Hoque and three other youths who were shouting insults at people in Bradford city centre.

Mr Graham was pushed in the lower back and butted by one of Hoque’s friends. He was punched by Hoque and left with blood dripping from his face.

While Mr Graham was at the station ticket barrier, Hoque again approached and punched him up to three times in the face.

Mr Petterson said Hoque and his friends were arrested shortly afterwards on Sunbridge Road, Bradford. They appeared drunk. Mr Graham’s injuries included a gash to his eyebrow.

Hoque pleaded guilty to causing him actual bodily harm. The court heard that Hoque freed himself from handcuffs when he was arrested on suspicion of assault on May 4 last year and put in a police vehicle. He hit Sgt Milner on the head causing cuts then boasted about the attack at the police station.

Hoque’s barrister, Dapinder Singh, told the court yesterday he was on a course at Bradford College.

He was complying with all the demands of the suspended sentence order and had completed more than half the unpaid work. Mr Singh said Hoque was seeking help after binge drinking on vodka and becoming depressed.

Judge Shaun Spencer QC sentenced him to a 12 month community order with an eight-week curfew order and an extra 40 hours’ unpaid work.

Judge Spencer told Hoque: “You are well on the way to turning over a new leaf.”

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