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Britain risks a 'jobless generation'

Two out of three Britons believe the economic policies of their government will leave the country with a “jobless generation” of young people.

The findings based on a ComRes poll for the Sunday Mirror and Independent on Sunday follows speculations that the British 16 to 24-year-olds who do not have a job could hit a million in the near future.

The poll showed only 13 percent of people believe the government is doing a good job helping the youth find a job against 65 percent who said the opposite.

Almost seven in 10 respondents said the government needs to help people find a job rather than urging them to seek a university degree with 88 percent calling for vocational training in schools.

Participants in the survey embraced the idea that the current government trend will create a jobless generation by a 66 percent majority against 19 percent who thought differently.

Meanwhile, 80 percent of respondents said the public has not found it easier to get a work over the past 20 years despite the massive economic growth in the country.

This comes as Business Secretary Vince Cable insisted in an article for the Sunday Mirror that he is improving apprenticeship and places where the youth can gain work experience.

"Youth unemployment is one of the great challenges. We can't afford to let our young people be left behind and see their talents go to waste. A strong economy needs a highly-skilled workforce. Practical training for young people has been under-valued and under-funded for too long,” Cable said.

Cable also went on to dismiss the reliance on academic qualifications saying “for too long academic qualifications have been valued above vocational skills. That is wrong”.

"My father was a factory worker at Rowntree's who later taught building trades at York Technical College. We must revive the respect we then had for skilled craftsmen," he added.

The survey by ComRes involved 2,011 adults who were questioned online between June 8 and 9 with data designed to be representative of all adults by gender, age group, social class and region.

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