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"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Colin Jordan


The Attack On Karen Marsden

Karen Marsden took part in a peaceful demonstration in Dewsbury town centre on 23rd June to raise awareness of the paedophile grooming activites being carried out by Muslim men in the local area. Karen and others also helped inform the public on the paedophiles that infest the Labour25 Party too. Something else which never gets mentioned in the corrupt media!

As the grooming/rape gang problem mainly involves a disproportianate amount of Muslim men, and all of the members of the grooming/rape gangs are Muslim, a number of Muslims in the area took exception to the infidel's presence.

Karen was handing out leaflets to passers by, when she was approached by a group of young Pakistani men. They became very abusive, and were joined at one point by a Muslim woman. This disgusting Muslim woman spat in Karen's face, and called her a "White Whore". One of the Pakistani men then started pushing her. Several police officers that were present, stood by and did nothing at this point even though Karen had been verbally abused and spat at, once again highlighting their failure to carry out their job and help a woman who was under attack.

Karen. A British citizen who is concerned about the children of Britain.

As one of the men rushed up to abuse her again, Karen pushed him away. She was then besieged by 6 police officers who dragged her down onto the wet bricked ground, piling on top of her like she was some huge wrestler from WWE, and then subjected her to an unbeleivably savage beating which included being sprayed with CS Gas, before throwing her in the back of a police van and arresting her.

Karen has been unbelievably charged with assault for defending herself, which everyone has a perfect Right to do so when being attacked, especially by more than one person. But what is truly appalling though is how the police failed to assist her when she was under attack at the beginning allowing a situation to escalate from a simple argument to an assault by local Muslims. (You know, the people from the 'Religion of Peace'). Incidentally, the Muslims that were involved in this attack walked away free without any obstruction from the Police. Karen's arrest was captured on video (which you can see below). The only 'good' thing that has come from this awful event was that so many of the public were looking on and seeing exactly what happened, and they were obviously quite horrified to see the treatment dished out on Karen by the Police, especially when she was the victim and the real criminals were allowed to walk away. Yet again, the Police Force are showing their true colours to the public. The public have up until now only had our word on what is happening to our country, but now they are truly seeing it for themselves! (Another 'told you so')

Karen will now be appearing in Court on the 12th July, which as far as we are concerned is ludicrous. The guilty ones are still on the loose!

No doubt we will see more of this sort of treatment of the decent people of Britain as the corrupt Government and Police Force continue their plans of islamification and destruction of our once great country.

Join the 'Support Karen Marsden' Facebook Page and spread the word!

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