January 20th 2007


The first BPP meeting of the year was held in Leeds on Saturday 20th January 2007.  Organised as a Nationalist Unity rally, everyone in attendence agreed it was a resounding success.

Following a minute's silence held in memory of Comrade Mick Sanderson of the Wolf's Hook White Brotherhood (who handled security on the day), over 60 BPP, EFP, Nationalist Alliance, Wolf's Hook, NF and BNP members and supporters listened to speeches by England First Councillor Mark Cotterill, Pete Rushton, Dave Jones, Eddy Morrison and Lady Renouf.

Adrian Brookes calls for a minute's silence in remembrance of Mick Sanderson as meeting chairman Sid Williamson looks on.
The meeting was chaired by Sussex BPP member Pete (Sid) Williamson, who first introduced Adrian Brookes from the Wolf's Hook/White Brotherhood/Nationalist Alliance, who asked everybody present to observe a minute's silence for fallen comrade Mick Sanderson - who was sadly killed shortly before Christmas.

Councillor Mark Cotterill speaks

After the minute's silence Sid introduced England First Party leader Councillor Mark Cotterill, who spoke about Nationalist co-operation and some recent events in Lancashire.

Pete Rushton address the meeting in his own inimitable style
The next speaker was the deputy editor of Heritage and Destiny magazine, and long-standing White Nationalist, Peter Rushton. Peter exposed the absurdity of the latest 'racist scandal' involving the Channel Four programme 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Petty insults had been blown up into a diplomatic incident, especially ironic since the supposed victim of the racism is a Tamil.
The Tamils comprise one side in an ethnic civil war in Sri Lanka which has claimed more than 65,000 lives since 1983, yet we are supposed to believe that the entire population of the Indian subcontinent has united to condemn Celebrity Big Brother's 'racism'.
We are supposed to believe that Jade Goody's 'racism' reveals something uniquely dreadful about British society, yet the Tamil paramilitary army Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has a fearsome reputation for ethnic cleansing, including the forced removal of the entire Muslim population of Jaffna, the Tamil capital, who in 1990 were given two hours to leave the city.
The truth is that this entire scandal has been concocted to exploit white guilt. Britons have to be reminded every day that racism is evil and that racists are stupid, selfish and vile.
Mainstream politicians of an earlier generation, however, had no hesitation in identifying the racial threat to Britain's national identity, in terms which today would see them locked up.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill, for example, told his cabinet in 1955 that "Keep England White" seemed to him like a good slogan for that year's general election campaign!
Pete hoped that a large number of the audience would rally behind this slogan next month at the Daneshouse with Stonyholme byelection, when England First Party candidate Steven Smith would be flying the flag for the embattled and outnumbered indigenous population.

Next up was BPP National Organiser Eddy Morrison who spoke about the need for WHITE Nationalism and the fact that the BPP is the way forward.

Dave Jones makes a point

Sid then introduced Dave Jones, leader of the BPP Youth Front who spoke about how he was recruiting young people to the party and how the recruitment of the Youth of this country should be a priority for the party.

The German justice minister has recently demanded Europe-wide action against the "intellectual pathbreakers" of Holocaust revisionism. The BPP was honoured to welcome one of the foremost of these intellectual pathbreakers, Lady Michele Renouf.

Lady Michele Renouf
Lady Renouf has recently returned from an international revisionist conference in Tehran, and she paid tribute to the courage of Iranian President Ahmedinajad, who has defied massive pressure from international Jewry.
Alongside a robust defence of the traditional Western concept of Socratic enquiry and source scepticism, under threat from the Holocaust industry, Lady Renouf said that she was proud to stand up for White racial nationalism.
Given the cultural achievements of White Europeans, it is only natural to seek to maintain the fundamental ties between people and place, blood and soil. While most of us are culturally, if not theologically, Christian, we could learn a great deal from older European religions such as Odinism.
Politicians seeking to represent White Europeans were taking a seriously wrong turn, in Lady Renouf's view, if they renounced their deepest convictions to adopt a mask of political correctness.

The meeting finished on quite a high. A good collection for party funds was taken, and the literature/ merchandise stalls (from Heritage & Destiny, the BPP and the Heretical Press), did a good trade.
After the meeting many comrades stayed on for a few drinks at a nearby venue. All in all a great day was had by everyone who attended this great show of White Nationalist unity.

Special thanks must got to the comrades from the Wolf's Hook White Brotherhood who stewarded the meeting in the very professional manner we have come to expect from the group. Also thanks to Chris and his associates who ensured Lady Renouf's safety by escorting her from and to the train station and, in conjunction with the WHWB, at the meeting itself. Again a very professional team. Cheers lads!

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