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Dave Jones to fight for Todmorden seat in May elections

BPP Commissioner Dave Jones is the BPP candidate for both ‘Todmorden Ward’ on Calderdale Council and for the Stansfield Ward on Todmorden Town Council.

Last year the BPP fought the Todmorden Ward for the first time - and from behind - and earned nearly 300 votes.   The treacherous Liberal Democrats can now be seen in their true light and have certainly done no better than the Conservatives running Calderdale, who have nothing to write home about.  They have colluded with or instigated every disastrous policy of Calderdale including the demolition of perfectly serviceable buildings.  Assets which if re-used could have saved the taxpayer hundreds of thousands. A clever but totally fake anti-supermarket-campaign will be the main plank of their election campaign.

Like the Conservatives with their bogus SORT-IT petition, Labour will be bragging they saved our Library from closure, the ‘closure’ being a false rumour put out by Steph Booth her predominantly homosexual Labour election slate.  Our own Labour opponent (for both Town Council and Calderdale) an lesbian ‘equality and diversity’ officer is a shining example of the true agenda of their big-brother, high-taxation pro-EU agenda.

This year we will also be contesting a seat on Todmorden Town Council (Stansfield Ward) and we will be teaming up with another Nationalist; former BNP candidate Chris Jackson of the National Front, who is also standing in the Stansfield Ward, will be working with the BPP this election - Two heads are better than one...

The Conservative candidates in this Todmorden Town Council election have decided to all stand as independents! They obviously hope the electorate will forget they are representives of a governing party that sees fit to cut everything that helps ordinary working class British folk while they give £billions away in increased foreign aid to countries with expensive space programmes and nuclear weapons and get us involved in expensive wars that we have no need to be involved in. 

As each voter in the Town Council election will have three votes to use, as there are three seats available, they can vote for both Dave and Chris.

Best of luck to both candidates from the leadership of the BPP!

Todmorden BPP David Jones
Dave's leaflet Side A

Todmorden BPP David Jones
Dave's leaflet Side B

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