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"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Our spiritual

Colin Jordan



     The BPP promotes the following aims and objectives:-
  1. To build an organisation which is dedicated to the promotion of White Nationalism
  2. To attract, educate and mobilise all Britons of all backgrounds into an unstoppable Movement which will overthrow the Old System
  3. To work towards the unification of all true White Nationalist  individuals and groups
  4. To fight for the victory of the "Fourteen Words"


What are the main differences that set White Nationalism apart from Opportunist-Populism presently disguised as British Patriotism? What divides real White Nationalists from those who would drag our Movement down the old failed road of Opportunist-Populism?

They say total repatriation is not possible and the goal of a White Britain is no longer achievable or even desirable. They say we must put up with some form of multi-racialism.

We say a homogeneous nation can only be found on a united race with a common heritage, kinship and destiny. Racial admixture leads to disaster and misery for all races. A complete programme of repatriation is THE only answer. The future in any form of multi-cultural society is one of demographic annihilation, which is already forecast in long-term population growth.

They say elections are the only way forward. All activity must be geared to elections and we must build a party, which is a mirror image of the Old Gang Westminster parties.

We say we are not a party but a MOVEMENT. Sure, elections are important but they are only one part of a much greater whole- the building of a mass movement of the White people of this country at all levels which will penetrate and eventually completely replace the Old Sick System in a National Revolution. Our Movement should not put all its eggs in the corrupt election basket.
We should stand in elections when we can achieve a propaganda victory from it and we only enter the Council chambers and Westminster holding our noses against the stench of Liberal-Democratic corruption.

They say we must cultivate a 'respectable' image. We must don the suits and briefcases and ape the Old Gang politicians in order to look like 'politicians'. They say we must become as much like New Labour and Tory in outward appearance as possible so that we cannot be smeared as Nazis and Racists.

We say to hell with respectability. Respectability means compromise and sell-out. Respectability in the terms THEY use means selling out your basic principles and core beliefs one after another until you have shed any vestige of policy that can bring on the accusation of Nazi, racist, fascist or whatever. We say they will call you that anyway unless your policies are almost identical with the ZOG approved ones and by that time - yes you will be respectable because you will have dropped all pretence at being White Nationalist.

They say we must avoid confrontation with the Reds and the Enemy at all costs otherwise we will be called thugs and hooligans. They say the Red Menace has gone away.

We say confrontation is part of our program to power as much as ever. The Reds have not gone away. They may be smaller and not as well organised but they will grow as we grow just as they did in the 1970's. Confrontation is not only against the Reds but also against EVERY manifestation of anti-White politics that rears its head. The main way to attract Britain's youth and stop them
tumbling into the alien prepared drug nightmare which ZOG is preparing for them is to attract the virile young White men and women to our great CAUSE BY SHOWING THEM action, symbolism and something really worth fighting and living for.

They say we must avoid the anti-Semitic tag even of that means not condemning the illegal bandit State of Israel and admitting Jewish Zionists into our ranks.

We say we must always see Israel as an enemy of Britain's interests and a central cog in the New World Order attack on our people. We cannot admit Zionists to membership under any circumstances. Their beliefs are totally contrary to ours. Their admission also breaks the fundamental rule of our membership being made up of people of European stock.

They say that we must live with homosexuality as a fact of life and they do not ban homosexuals from membership of the Movement.

We say that homosexuality is abhorrent to any normal man or woman and we must work to pass a law to criminalize this decadent practice.

They say that we must avoid Revisionism and Holocaust Denial as we might look like Nazis and anti-Semites. They say it isn't relevant to the current struggle.

We say that the right to speak up for Truth in History is fundamental to free thought and expression. We say that the New World Order will ALWAYS use the Holocaust as a whip to beat down White Nationalists whether we ignore it or not. We say that the myths and fallacies surrounding the Holocaust must be exposed to the light of truth and research.

These are the main issues - there are others:

On our side we are guided by the principles of Comradeship, Loyalty and Honour.

The Opportunist-Populists are motivated by greed, personality, arrogance and materialism.

We adhere to the Fourteen Words - they have cast them aside!

White Nationalism is the only way to power. All other 'softer' approaches are phantasms, which have been tried many times before, and they have failed. They are a cloak and disguise for those fair-weather patriots to whom sacrifice, hard work and danger are unknown and frightening things. White Nationalists stand up like their warrior forefathers of old and face the World Enemy head on. The sneaky way is not and never has been the way of the White people.

Only heroism, sacrifice, fanaticism and dedication will see us through to what we want - TOTAL VICTORY - in this life or death struggle!


  1. The Fourteen Words: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. All other principles and policies regarding Race and Immigration can be developed from this simple statement. It is powerful and emotive in its simplicity.
  2. British Independence and Sovereignty. We must oppose all forms of Internationalism and Globalism from the EU through to the UN and any other International grouping which seeks to limit or control our folk and our British nation’s destiny.
  3. Freedom of thought, speech and expression. We must oppose all forms of legislation which limit or forbid the rights of free British men and women to exercise the inalienable rights of freedom, thought and expression.
These are three simple and straightforward principles meant as the basis for the development of a political programme on many other subjects.

By adopting these three principles we also at the same time ensure we do not go the way of other so-called ‘Nationalist’ parties who have certainly thrown out principle number one and to an increasing extent principle number two as well.

The British People’s Party will never compromise these basic principles which any true White Nationalist would be proud to follow!