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This explains why the police in Bradford didn't issue a photograph of convicted paedophile Mohammed Nawaz who had failed to appear in court for sexually abusing young girls. This insane action by the politically correct police probably allowed Nawaz to escape to Pakistan to avoid the 11-year sentence he received in his absence. See here

Killers and paedos on run can't be named as it's violation of human rights

Killers, child sex offenders and a rapist are among nearly 50 dangerous criminals who are on the run but whose identities are protected by government officials because of human Rights laws.

The 47 'high' or 'very high-risk' offenders are among almost 1,000 prisoners who have been released early, only to re-offend and then refuse to return to jail, Ministry of Justice figures showed.

But officials have refused to name the criminals citing data protection rules and operational reasons, and said it is up to individual police forces to decide if they want to identify the offenders.

An MoJ official said the escaped prisoners had a 'reasonable expectation that the Department would hold the information in confidence'.

The figures show the 960 dangerous offenders include two murderers, two child sex offenders, a rapist and 10 robbers.

Also on the run are three people guilty of indecent assault, three jailed for gun possession two for kidnapping and five for wounding.

An MoJ spokeswoman said: 'We are reviewing the policy on releasing details of offenders at large.

'This Government is committed to transparency and there should be a presumption that such information is published unless the police object for specific operational reasons.

'Recapturing high- risk offenders will always be a priority.'

Police and Justice Minister Nick Herbert ordered the review of the policy as the Coalition seeks to reverse the the process of not naming and shaming escaped convicts.

'Labour allowed the privacy of dangerous offenders to be put ahead of public protection,' Conservative MP Dominic Raab told The Sun.

'The coalition must reverse those warped priorities We can't have dozens of high risk fugitives shielded on human rights grounds.'

The MoJ figures were released to The Sun following a request under freedom of information laws. 

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