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Colin Jordan


Another case of police ignoring a young White girl's complaint about an Asian paedophile. In this case, a 12 year old girl reported this nonce, Azad Miah, because he was stalking her at her school and took three years before they did anything. No doubt because they didn't want to be called 'racist'.

It can affect a police officer's promotion chances you see if the 'community' takes offence at his actions that may show that 'community' in a bad light.

Police ignored victims of Muslim child sex trafficker who recruited non-Muslim child "prostitutes"

Pandering to political correctness kills. Pamela Geller has much more on this appalling story here.

"Youngest victim says her complaints against Miah were ignored by police," from ITV News, May 14, 2012:

One of Azad Miah's under-age victims complained to the police about him three years before his eventual arrest, his trial heard.

His youngest victim, aged 12, said she gave up talking to the police about the takeaway owner pestering her for sex in exchange for cash because nothing was being done.

In the wake of Miah's arrest in 2011 she was asked at the start of her police interview if she knew why she was being questioned. Tellingly, she replied:

"Because of something that happened three years ago and now youse have finally decided to do summat about it. The police never done anything about it so I just stopped complaining in the end.

Under cross-examination at Carlisle Crown Court, she was told there was no record of any of her supposed complaints. Barrister Stephan Meadowcroft QC said "The police keep careful records."

Behind a screen in court, she replied: "So they should but they didn't."

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