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"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Our spiritual

Colin Jordan


White Nationalism: What it means


  1. The creation of a White Workers' State based on National Freedom, Social Justice, Duty and Responsibility
  2. The introduction of a proper Constitution and Bill Of Rights for the freedom and security of the British people
  3. The ending of all non-European immigration and the introduction of a compulsory policy of repatriation of all non-White immigrants and their descendents
  4. The rebuilding of British capital industries by putting British industry first and ending cheap imports that undermine our British manufacturing base
  5. The nationalisation of the banking system. All banks and financial institutions to be placed in State rather than private hands
  6. The dismantling of our enforced multi-racial society in a lawful and orderly fashion
  7. The re-introduction of capital punishment for murder, child molestors, treason and terrorism
  8. A major crack down on all types of crime especially those involving drugs
  9. The abolition of all types of usury and financial speculation for profit without work
  10. The abolition of Public Order Acts and Race Laws. The restoration of freedom of speech, thought and action
  11. The guarantee that Ulster shall remain forever a part of Great Britain
  12. The outlawing of the IRA and other anti-British terror organisations
  13. The protection of the unborn by stopping abortion on demand and allowing only it only in extreme and special circumstances
  14. The withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union, NATO, the United Nations and all the other arms of the New World Order
  15. The rebuilding of our pride in our racial and national heritage
  16. The education of our young folk into being dutiful members of society through a re-organised educational system and the building of a national youth movement
  17. The restructuring of the National Health Service by training and employing British doctors and nurses as opposed to importing cheap labour from abroad. The goal of making the National Health Service the best in the world
  18. The immediate stopping of all foreign aid to so-called "Third World" countries
  19. The revocation of Community Tax on small businesses. The abolition of Value Added Tax. The promotion of Britain's small independent businesses and the dismantling of multi-national ones
  20. The ending of all monopolies and the breaking of the stranglehold that the International Bankers have on the United Kingdom
  21. The establishment of a British Labour Front guaranteeing real workers' rights and replacing the now helpless and un-representative Trades Unions
  22. The encouragement of the stable family unit as the basic building block of a healthy and resurgent nation. As a Christian nation we are committed to discouraging all things which distort the family unit. The reintroduction of Clause 28.
  23. Complete opposition to Zionism and the State of Israel as weapons of the New World Order
  24. The replacement of all multi-cultural and alien art with natural, traditional British art forms
  25. The building of a powerful Army, Navy and Air Force so that our country does not rely on NATO and can truly defend the national interests of Great Britain
  26. The banning of gross pornography and the creation of a morally correct society where our children and safe from vileness and perversion. 
  27. The encouragement of British agriculture and an emphasis on our rural heritage as opposed to International Cosmopolitanism
  28. The reduction of unemployment by boosting Britain's industry to create real jobs and not fake "job creation schemes"
  29. The creation of a national media which puts the interests of Great Britain first
  30. The ending of allowing fake "asylum seekers" into Britain and the immediate expulsion of those already here, together with all other illegal immigrants
  31. A moral, spiritual and physical revolution in the hearts and minds of the masses so that all become part of a healthy, clean and energetic folk state
  32. We will secure the existence of our people and a future for White children

Gweld fersiwn Gymraeg yma