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"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Colin Jordan



Today, 4th February 2012, BPP activists attended the Rochdale 'Infidels of Britain' demonstration. Turnout was about 150 but about thirty supporters arrived late, just as the demo' was winding up.

The demo' finished before planned due to ridiculous police (GMP) restrictions which meant that the activity was held in a sidestreet next to Rochdale Town Hall where we were surrounded by police and steel hoardings. This, combined with grim weather conditions including snow cut the demo' short and everyone was forced, at pain of arrest, by the police onto ageing double decker buses they had hired from a private company and taken to the train station and escorted onto our trains.

Infidels leaders pledged to the police that the next time they would be hearing from them would be when they held flash demo's in the town and across Greater Manchester without giving any advance notice at all.

The rally welcomed supporters of White Nationalist organisations and supporters of none. Even though the police messed us about on this day, it's shown that White Nationalism can be united and can still have a street presence without pretending to support alien ideologies and alien occupiers in this country.

The Infidels of Britain leader speaks

A BPP banner is held proudly

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