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On this day, 70 years ago, the Deputy Leader of Germany, flew to Britain in an attempt to stop the frattricidal war between our two countries.....

RUDOLF HESS: The Witness

Twenty-four years ago he was murdered. At the Nuremburg show trial in 1946, standing before his accusers, he uttered these words:

"I regret nothing. If I were to begin all over again,
I would act again as I did—even if I knew that what
awaited me in the end was the stake at which I was
to be burned alive. It makes no difference what men
may do to me. One day I shall stand before the
judgment seat of the Eternal. To Him I shall answer;
and I know that He will pronounce me innocent."

He was known as the conscience of the Movement.
He stood closer to the Führer than any other man. 
He tried to stop a tragic war among Aryan kindred.
His name was—RUDOLF HESS.

On the 17th day of August, 1987 - after spending nearly a half century in a lonely
cell - he was foully murdered by the powers of Darkness on this Earth.

And so, on this Day of Witness, May 10th 2011, we again pause to pay solemn
homage to the eternal memory of this hero and martyr and pledge ourselves
anew to the Holy Cause for which he fought.

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