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"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Our spiritual

Colin Jordan



Fraternal Greetings Comrades:

As I write this we approach Christmas, or Pagan Yule, a time where our people forget their manners and indulge in supermarket binge-buying and we are heading towards the New Year which promises to be highly interesting for Nationalism.
The BNP is now undisputably in another place to most of us, ideologically-speaking, and the BPP is working to become the most practical and functionable political force with a new crop of activists carrying none of the baggage that most of the other small Nationalist parties carry.  You will shortly see various reforms kick into gear including a radical shake-up of the nature of our propaganda and a practical leadership formed.
Please ensure you are a part of both initiatives and stay on board to help build a party that will one day change the nature of our movement for an eventual victory of an unexpected kind over and through chaos. 

For the Winter season may I recommend looking up Henry Ford's 'The International Jew' found on the 'skadi' site for an interesting read and perhaps also 'The Foundations of the 19th Century' by Houston Stewart Chamberlain as a read that will entertain and not disappoint.
May we wish all you a Happy Christmas and a Productive New Year.
D.Jones  -  BPP Commissioner

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