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BPP COMMENT: We were contacted by a reporter from this rag last week and suppied him with a reply to his accusations that we had been harassing some Hungarian family. His email and our reply is printed below. Strange that he didn't see fit to enclose any of our  answers to his patronising email in the article that appeared in the Shropshire Star.

Migrant family’s race hate hell on Shropshire estate

This poster was pinned on the family's door
This poster was pinned on the family's door

A Hungarian family living on a Shropshire estate today said they were being terrorised in their own home by a tirade of hate crime including assaults, racial abuse and vandalism.

The Horvath family, who moved to James Nelson Crescent in Trench, Telford, three years ago, claimed they have endured threats and assaults, which they said had included a propaganda sticker being put on their front door and a bullet posted through their letterbox.

Istvan Horvath, 49, who is suffering from depression because of the incidents, lives in the home with his wife Andrea, 39, 19-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son.

Mr Horvath said as recently as last Thursday his son was hospitalised after he was allegedly punched several times in the head.

On the same day stickers appeared on signs in the road and on the family’s front door, Mr Horvath claimed a bullet in a casing was posted through the letterbox.

He said: “It’s ruining our lives. We feel like we live in a prison, my family are too afraid to go outside.

“My son is 11 and he is sleeping on the floor in the living room because he’s too afraid to go upstairs in case they burn down the house.

“It’s too much and we can’t take any more. We just want to move from here,” he added.

West Mercia Police Inspector Jenny Sullivan said: “We have spoken to the complainant on a number of occasions and have offered him all the help and support we are able to, to resolve these long-term problems.”

He added: “Unfortunately there have been a number of occasions where Mr Horvath has not fully engaged with police and other partner agencies trying to resolve the problems.

“In the latest incident of alleged assault we have tried on a number of occasions to contact the victim’s parents but have been unsuccessful.

“Now that we are aware of the incident of potentially racist stickers being placed in James Nelson Crescent we will look into that matter.”

Francis Best, director of Wrekin Housing Trust, said: “First and foremost the family are not tenants of The Wrekin Housing Trust, but we can confirm that they are applying for homes through our choice based lettings service, Chooseyourhome.”

Read more: http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2011/04/19/migrant-familys-race-hate-hell-on-shropshire-estate/#ixzz1K6MD1nWa

Paul Mannion
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2011 10:35 AM
To:  bppenquiries 

Hello, there’s been BPP propaganda stickers place on street signs around the Trench area of Telford, as well as on a Hungarian resident’s door. What are your thoughts on the incidents?

Kind regards

Paul Mannion
Shropshire Star

01952 241 449
07973 506 464

Find me on twitter: paulmannion


Sent: Friday, April 15, 2011 11:22 AM


We don't know who is responsible for the stickering in Telford but all we can say is if people are angry about the present state of this country with our so-called 'leaders' in Parliament cutting essential services at home whilst continuing to donate £billions in 'foreign aid' into Third World countries that have nuclear weapons and costly space programmes, the odd sticker on a lamp post pales into insignificance.

We are in close contact with Hungarian Nationalists and we have nothing against Hungarians or any other White Europeans. We would prefer it if they stayed in their own lands while we are experiencing unemployment in our own nation of course. Why should we target an individual from another nation living in this country when it is the bosses who are responsible for putting British workers on the dole by importing cheap labour from abroad so if we were going to take action against anyone it would be against those making profits from bringing them here!
It wouldn't surprise me if it was opponents of the BPP who stuck that sticker on the Hungarian chap's door. The stickers are easy enough to peel off a bus shelter or whatever.

To sum things up Mr Mannion, we, the indigenous British White working class, have been betrayed, we have had enough and we are beginning to fight back. There is no shame in fighting for your Race and Nation yet our activists in Shropshire, as in the rest of the UK, are denied the right to express our opinions via the media. We are vilified by the TV and newspapers yet we are never given the right to reply. Our opponents from the Trotskyite left are always given space to spread their lies by the media yet we are not.

Give us a quarter-page space in the Shropshire Star allowing us to outline our plans for salvation of our country and we'll consider stopping our campaign of sticking our literature on street furniture.

Thank you for your enquiry,

Racial regards,
Kevin Watmough
BPP Admin

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