The Official Website of the British People's Party
"The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that
they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all."
 - John Tyndall

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Our spiritual

Colin Jordan



The purpose of this site is to tell you all about us - the British People's Party. We represent the interests of the ultra Nationalists of Great Britain. With the advent of "Populism" into the edges of the mainstream of British politics, there are many of us who refuse to compromise our principles and strategy.

The British People's Party already has many adherents and we are continually encouraging new membership. Why? Because the leadership of many of the White Nationalists in the United Kingdom will remain for a good period of time in the hands of outright opportunists WITH NO INTEREST IN WHAT WE BELIEVE IN apart from what they can procure in cash and to act as a safety valve for ZOG's State. The need for a Movement such as the BPP is now a drastic necessity.

We welcome membership applications from only those who believe in the traditional values of Racial Nationalism.

The British People's Party is THE vanguard movement ready to step into the vacuum caused by the disintegration of the Nationalist movement in general into "Populist" factions. We know that we must never compromise and must adhere to our fundamental principles. Changing your basic ideals is a betrayal of White Nationalism AND of the White people whose only hope we are.

A wolf pack is led by the strongest and smartest wolf, by a type of mutual consent based on strength and experience. This arrangement benefits the entire pack because the wise and tough old wolf leader is the best guarantee for the rest of the pack that they will be led in an organised and successful manner toward food, safety, etc. White Nationalists the world over are much in the position of the wolf pack, beset as it was with natural dangers and human enemies. But with the rise of moderation, humanitarianism and the sneaky way to govern the pack - a great danger arises: The wolf pack splits into many factions, ignoring the inherited wisdom of leadership and the great lessons of history. A SWINDLE was time and again used to explain why the pack could not win. It was too vicious. It was too wolfish. It believed in the leadership principle. It was too fierce.

So too in White Nationalism - every few years along comes a "new style leadership" which says: "If we just change this, that and the other - if we pretend - if we co-operate - if we abandon this principle or that then....." BUT IT NEVER WORKS - British Nationalist history is littered with the corpses of nice, fancy, soft Populist experiments. Only the ultras hang on when all seems lost. Indeed if it wasn't for the stalwart hard core hanging on, then the "Populists" would have NO movement to steer in the wrong direction in the first place!

The British People's Party will, in the fruition of time, PROVE there is another road - a tougher road - but one which will achieve real victory. We stand assailed on all sides at the time of writing, not just by ZOG's puppets but also by fellow patriots who say our traditional no-compromise stance will give them a bad name.

We agree that policies can be altered through different applications of propaganda BUT this is not happening. The very foundations of White Nationalism are crumbling in yet another lemming-like urge to "out-moderate" each other.

We can no longer stand aside - we know our time has come....