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Above, the Ilkley Swastika Stone, circa 2,500BC

The BPP would like to wish all its Yorkshire members and supporters a Happy Yorkshire Day this August 1st 2011.

Yorkshire Day was first celebrated in 1975 in the ancient East Riding town of Beverley by the Yorkshire Ridings Society to recognise the integrity of the county following the re-organisation of Local Government in 1974.

Yorkshire was the first county in England to have an official county day and the celebration is now marked in towns and cities across the region.

August 1 was chosen as it is the anniversary of the Battle of Minden fought during the Seven Years War.

On this day in 1759 soldiers from Yorkshire regiments picked white roses from bushes near to the battlefield as a tribute to their fallen comrades.

Each year members of the Yorkshire Ridings Society read a declaration of the integrity of Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Flag is the White Rose on a blue background.

For the first three years following Yorkshire Day’s creation, members of the society walked from Sedbergh to Spurn Point, near Hull, reading the declaration in each of the region’s three ridings.

Walking around York’s city walls was later found to be an easier way of passing through the three ridings and the declaration is now read facing into each one.

From 2007 readings were also held in York city centre.


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