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An excellent article from an American NS site...

Zionist Correct Protest

The most recent bout of “London Riots” provide an example of the Zionist Correct Protest and static Conservatism, and Dissimulation. If you had a strong and cohesive and well-organized, and a well resourced position of power within Zion, this is what you would want any opposition to look like:

Don't cut my Goy Biscuits!

The recent so-called ”Anti-Cuts” march and demonstration, was organized by the very people who are reliant on the Government, they are not being anti-Government, they are just controlled opposition of the Zionist Government State; Trades Unions and Student Unions and Teachers Unions, even the Police Union took part, they were wearing a different uniform, but they were taking part, showing their public service; protesting for their share of spending consumption and allocation of banker’s debt. All the Unions were there, and any self-respecting government employee should have been there to demand their debt be increased! The theme of their Protest is pro-Government spending. Now what their state government is spending, is disposing and disbursing rather, is a debt in the form of numerical digits either represented as digital blips on a screen or on plastic notes or paper notes, the digits are only relevant to the producer of these numerical digits whom is the Jewish International Banks, like the IMF and the Bank of England. These digits are created out of nothing, and in exchange for them, people of the Zionist states slave and hand over all their property and anything of value. The Government apparatus only exists as a mechanism by which the digits or the false currency is distributed and then collected, the Banks own the numerical digits which they create out of nothing, the state governments do not have a legal recognized right to them, they simply facilitate as a means by which the digits are circulated, they must return eventually to the issuer with everything else, because they, the Government measures all things by the banker’s digit creations, or monetary debt, it is debt because it is a false weight, a false form of measurement, that is the greatest secret of the Bankers system. Once somebody realizes that their “funds” are simply digit creations ex nihilo that can only result in a false weight leading to debt when they enter into any system, then they come to the conclusion that the bankers “money” is theft.

The protesters in London are demonstrating because they want more of the digit bankers debt creations in their system, they want more, not less, but that is a fore-gone conclusion, of course there will be more debt, more government disbursement of debt, that will always be increased year after year until there is no more left to steal. “Spending” the Bankers debt is what the government does, it needs to do that so it can then collect it back out of circulation and return it to where it come from. The Government has no other role other than to make sure it spends and the collects Bankers debt. The two sides of the political sphere are merely aligned to either the spending function or the collecting function, but both sides will always be given increased amounts of debt to spend and collect every year by the Bankers, the Bankers have raised these political class of gentiles from birth, and they know nothing but the Bankers system, it is a secret kept from them always, to them the Bankers are mystery god!

For example ‘Liberal’ or ‘Republican’ is more concerned with the velocity at which the “money” or numerical digits are returned to their place of origin with the Bank. ‘Labour’ or ‘Democrat’ is more slack concerning the speed at which the money digits return to their place of origin, however they are more concerned at the velocity at which they leave the place of origin with the bank, but that is just in theory, in practice, the bank will decide how fast the money exits and how fast it returns. It is just the two sides of politics have a general framework for orientation, that does not mean that it will work out that way or that either party is any different to the other, their roles are essentially the same, any opposition is merely there for theatrical value. But eventually for the political science of it, it would be discovered that the “Left” side of the political theatre is generally orientated towards a higher velocity of disbursing bankers debt, and the “Right” side is generally oriented towards the speed at which the collecting of the debts takes place and its eventual return to its place of origin. At the most basic level this is the sole purpose of the Government, or “Nation-States” as they are called, they are in fact Corporations, like the Banks are Corporations, and you too are a Corporation, a tradable commodity, you are a “human resource” according to the Corporation, that is.

So, “Give us more debt and welfare, please?”, more Goy Biscuits, it is a right, given to us by mystery banking god, well who would say this? Most likely those reliant on it to make their living, the ones who live off this money/debt creation scheme that the bankers have cunningly manufactured, i.e. the employees of the system. For example – students, teachers, lecturers, university professors, the unemployed, nurses, doctors, welfare workers, charity organizations, firemen, political think tanks, economists, any government employee of course wants the system to continue, and the more debt the better, that is why they would not want a reduction in the disbursement in the debt, it is their job as government employees to either concern themselves with the velocity at which the debt leaves or returns to the central Bank, their role is no different to the political human resources, as government human resource they are simply performing the same role basically at a fundamental level, now of course there will be more spending, there will be more debt created fraudulently by the central bank, that is certain. And look, it is the “people” themselves demanding that it be done! Which is because they know nothing else, that is all they know, all things are measured by the banker’s digits for them, Temple-Banking GOD has weighed their lives! their resources and their labour and affixed a numerical value via the a few taps on a keyboard by a Jewish Banker,

The Bankers can have a half-million of those goy protesters on the streets within a couple of weeks in any Western country they choose, they are all very compliant and of course and have a vested interest so motivation is no problem, all then is required to make it more theatrical is some fire, maybe a small explosion or two, a broken shop window, lots of shouting, ply some of the crowd with booze to get them rowdy, placard waving, noise, whistles, drums ect. Just make it look kind of authentic and spontaneous, so that those watching at home are entertained by the spectacle. See mostly the rowdy element at a demonstration are ‘crowd hire’ extras, the Bankers pay them to break something so that they can get beaten up and arrested by the police, who have to seem to be doing something, otherwise the people at home Tulmudvision watching would say, “why so many police all doing nothing?”, so the crowd hire group, some may call them “provocateurs” or “agitators”, which they are, although “crowd hire” is probably a more adept term. The Bankers instruction to the crowd hire group might be: “sit down and blow on a whistle”, or “throw a bottle, close to the line of police”, or “shout a lot, make noise, then empty rubbish bins of their litter than set fire to it”, “Break windows”….The instructions are something like that, but usually they have done that type of work before so, they know what to do in the ‘crowd hire’ game.

"Does this look Riot enough?". Crowd Hire extra poses for the camera.

These marches, demonstrations, protests, riots, whatever your friendly neighbourhood news service is calling them are carefully choreographed stage-shows, no different to how a movie director and producer may organize the set for a ‘Riot scene’ in a movie production, except only a few of those goy subjects that participate are aware of what is going on, the rest believe they are part of an actual authentic opposition that is expressing it free-will as per their so-called “Rights” - ”None are so hopelessly enslaved as those that believe that they are free” (Goethe).

Grab a placard, cheap props that can be recycled for next years "Protest"

"Excuse me officer which way to the "Riot?"

Crowd Hire extras try for that authentic "Riot" look.

Ed Milliband (Jew) directed the protest show, achieved high Talmudvision ratings.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Yep, a fancy dress party, the English love to dress up, being a clown is a revolutionary act in England.

English middle-class female going for that Retro welfare look, punk, republic, anarchy, welfare, you know, riot stuff?

You know these protesters are all still at work for the government and mystery banking god, they just don’t realize it, in fact this can all be claimed under national insurance by the English government.

Source: http://delendaestziobot.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/zionist-correct-protest/

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